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I forged some smaller coat hooks. The first picture shows them next to 2 larger hooks. The second photo shows them finished. The longest one is about 6 inches long. The shortest one is close to 3.75 inches long. They’re smaller, but still very strong, with 2 mounting holes, so they won’t wiggle.

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blacksmithed bamboo tutorial by dillonsculpture:

Making bamboo, 1-1/2” pipe 1/8” wall. Take a narrow heat, fuller about 1/3 diameter with similar device, I have used a simple fuller made from 3/8” round but you must beef up the top where you hammer. Take another heat and collapse the middle into itself by hammering the end, continue until the sides bulge a bit. Smaller diameter pipe works well but a thin wall pipe does not. Tools required- torch, fuller, hammer, minimal skill. 

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