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A Metalsmith practicing forgework, chasing and repoussé

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a few tech details on the greenman

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The greenman started off as 16 gauge silica bronze.  I’ve got a photoset for it on flickr at .  

I’ve got more

Chasing and Repoussé

 photos on flickr at

For chasing and repousse on a larger scale (not jewelry size) I typically use 18 or 16 gauge metal.  In this case, the only bronze I have is 16 gauge.  For most, but not all, of the larger shaping work, I use a pneumatic air gun with chisels that have been modified into large chasing tools.  For the detail work, I use many of my own handforged chasing tools.  I use a variety of hammers, a 13 inch pitch pot, and a few different pitch brands.  I’ve just mixed them up over the years- Northwest Pitch, the red German pitch, and even some of Debra Montgomery’s Pitch it to You pitch.

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Getting into the details of the greenman

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Chasing and repoussé, a greenman in bronze

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